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About us

The adventure showing clean technologies can change the world If an airplane can fly day and night without fuel, everybody could use these same technologies on the ground to halve our world’s energy consumption, save natural resources and improve our quality of life.


Bertrand Piccard’s family tradition and vision for progress and sustainability. Aircraft construction led by André Borschberg.

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How to imagine, build and fly a zero-fuel airplane of unlimited endurance, able to fly around the world.

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Pilots & team

A psychiatrist-explorer, an engineer-entrepreneur, a multidisciplinary team, partners and patrons to achieve the impossible.

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Ambassadors pioneering for clean technologies Two pilots associated to demonstrate the potential of cleantechs: Bertrand Piccard, psychiatrist and explorer with his avant-gardist vision, and André Borschberg, engineer and entrepreneur with his managerial experience.

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Round the world
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#FUTUREISCLEAN: Gathering associations to promote clean technologies We invite you to vote amongst the proposals presented by more than 230 organizations. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will bring the voice of our community during their plenary speeches and interviews at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21.


Around the world

Second half of the RTW delayed to April 2016 A bold challenge and an inspiring adventure to encourage people to save our planet by using clean technologies. Solar Impulse 2 will need to undergo a replacement of its overheated batteries and stay in Hawaii until next spring.

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Leg 1
Abu Dhabi to Muscat

Leg 2
Muscat to Ahmedabad

Leg 3
Ahmedabad to Varanasi

Leg 4
Varanasi to Mandalay

Leg 5
Mandalay to Chongqing

Leg 6
Chongqing to Nanjing

Leg 7
Nanjing to Nagoya

Leg 8
Nagoya to Hawaii

Leg 9
Hawaii to Phoenix

Leg 10
Phoenix to Mid. USA

Leg 11
Mid. USA to New York

Leg 12
New York to Europe

Leg 13
Europe to Abu Dhabi


A flying laboratory full of clean technologies A flying laboratory: 12 years of research and development, before attempting the First Round-The-World Solar Flight to demonstrate pioneering spirit and clean technologies can change the world.

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Join us

Spread the word A clean future will not happen without you. Invite friends and family to join the cause and get involved in the discussion. We can be the clean generation!

Educational activities

Solar Impulse provides a powerful educational platform for schools and universities students. Help us develop our activities or bring the project to your kids and schools.

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Supporters program

Join us to inspire children. Your donation will finance our educational activities: adopt a solar cell, get your official badge, a private visit of Si2, or become a pioneer with your name on the aircraft!

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Discover the official Solar Impulse shop: dress like the pilots and the solar team. T-shirts, polos, sweaters, pilot jackets for men, women and also kids.

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