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Solar Impulse's first
Round-the-world Solar flight

Swiss explorers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are the founders, pilots and driving force behind Solar Impulse, the first airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night without a drop of fuel. By attempting the first Round the World Solar Flight, they want to demonstrate that clean technologies and renewable energies can achieve the impossible. For the Solar Impulse team, pioneering spirit and innovation can change the world.

The Round-The-World flight started from Abu Dhabi, on March 9. The route includes stop-overs in Oman, India, Myanmar and China. After trying to cross the Pacific Ocean via Hawaii, Si2 should fly across the U.S.A. and over the Atlantic Ocean, heading back to Abu Dhabi.

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Our story

A family heritage of exploration and pioneering spirit.

A vision born in Bertrand Piccard's mind after the success of the first non-stop round the world balloon flight.

The friendship with André Borschberg, engineer and entrepreneur, who leads the technical team.

The commitment of 2 men who want to move the world.

Our Adventure

The construction of the prototype: Solar Impulse 1.

The development of Solar Impulse 2, the boldest airplane of our time.

The attempt to achieve the first Round-The-World Solar Flight.

The incredible technological and human challenges.


Before the attempt of flying around the world in 2015 with Solar Impulse 2, the first prototype already achieved successful flight missions across Europe, Morocco, and the United States.

Each landing was the opportunity to reach out to governments, NGOs, universities and schools to spread the message about clean technologies.

Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel.

This revolutionary single-seater aircraft made of carbon fiber has a 72 meter wingspan for a weight of just 2,300 kg

Technical Challenges

Solar Impulse 2 was built to fly through 5 consecutive days and nights without using any fuel, so as to cross oceans.

12 years of feasibility study, concept, design and construction

80 technological partners

Human Challenges

During the 35,000km journey, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will cumulate around 500 flight hours

5 days and night flights in a 3.8m3 unpressurized cockpit

-40°C to +40°C weather conditions

Abu Dhabi to Muscat
LEG 01
Muscat to Ahmedabad
LEG 02
Ahmedabad to Varanasi
LEG 03
Varanasi to Mandalay
LEG 04
Mandalay to Chongqing
LEG 05
Chongqing to Nanjing
LEG 06
Nanjing to Nagoya
LEG 07
Nagoya to Hawaii
LEG 08
Hawaii to Phoenix
[ Coming soon ]
LEG 09
Phoenix to Mid. USA
[ Coming soon ]
LEG 10
Mid. USA to New York
[ Coming soon ]
LEG 11
New York to Europe
[ Coming soon ]
LEG 12
Europe to Abu Dhabi
[ Coming soon ]
LEG 13
Your impulse
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Solar Impulse is not only about attempting the First Round-The-World Solar Flight, behind the aeronautic record lies a very powerful message Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg want to share with the world. Existing clean technologies and pioneering spirit can change the world. Future Is Clean, but we cannot do it without you.

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