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Develloping a long term high volume electricity-free pumping solution

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Founded 2019
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Headquarters Saint-Paul 97460, Réunion
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Up Welling Co.


The Up-Welling Companie has been developing a large scale water pump that does not require the use of electricity. Solely powered by a hydraulic head as the renewable energy source, we can supply the necessary pressure to treat millions of liters of water per day to filter polluted water bodies all over the world and provide clean drinking water to less fortunate people. Other than that our solution can supply water for irrigational purposes several km away since it is also a volumetric pump. After depositing an international 3 party PCT patent, SAS UP-Welling was created and in April of 2019, The Up-Welling team has been laureates at the International Inventions Exposition in Geneva, where we received the gold medal in the category for Energy as well as the INPI France prize amongst others. The local municipal water authority, La Créole, is in charge of managing water for several municipalities on the west side of the island including Saint-Paul with over 100 000 inhabitants. They have asked the Up-Welling team to show the efficiency of our pumping solution by using the wastewater of a wastewater treatment plant in Cambaie. We installed our pump as close as possible to the lowest point and it provided a 24m dynamic head. The pump provided enough pressure to pump 2000m3 of the 5000m3 daily wastewater back up to the treatment plant with a supplementary pressure of 2,5 bars that are used in a tertiary micro-filtration unit. Showing thus the possibility of permanently recycling water with water as the renewable energy source without the need for electricity or PV systems nor wind generators which are intermittent power sources. Some installation examples. 1 - Pumping and filtering polluted surface water. The demonstration done at La Créole, proved that without the use of expensive electricity, it was possible to provide the necessary pressure and volume to filter polluted water. Depending on the case study, with regards to the topology of the region, water from a polluted river or water body can be treated by using a membrane filter station that will be placed close to the pump. We can even pump raw water up to a water tower and then use gravity to filter the water. Some filtration units make use of hollow fibers with integrated backwash. Thereafter compressed air is used to complete the rinsing cycle. T This air can also be provided by the UP-Welling pumping solution. 2- Filling high altitude reservoirs. High altitude terrains situated above water sources can benefit from such a pumping solution by filling reservoirs for distribution. This way agricultural land can be optimized even without electricity around. Future demonstrations. The Up-Welling pumping solution should find its main application in thousands of towns and villages all over the world. It is important to demonstrate how polluted water can be filtered at an affordable price for less fortunate people Since maintenance only requires the replacement of seals not so often, it can be carried out with the use of simple tools and spanners. Two people are enough for a maintenance routine.
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Headquarters Saint-Paul 97460, Réunion

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