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Jiří Tencar



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ECOTEN s.r.o.

We provide innovative services to help municipalities to adapt to climate change and mitigate the urban heat island.

ECOTEN is an engineering consultancy firm working on various aspects of built environment and its sustainability. Our activities range from the building scale to the city scale. Among other activities, we concentrate on urban comfort and the problem of urban heat islands. This problem is becoming urgent due to the global warming, causing more discomfort, health risk and power consumption. There are several development strategies which can be employed to mitigate the urban microclimate (such as adding water or vegetation, changing building and ground colours for lighter, using innovative material, etc.). But each neighborhood reacts differently to these strategies due to the complexities of physical phenomena involved. At ECOTEN, we have the solution to compare different urban development scenarios for a given neighborhood and find the more effective to reduce temperature during summer time and improve outdoor comfort.


Urban Microclimate Simulation

Decision-making tool to find optimal urban design to decrease temperature and improve outdoor climatic comfort in cities

At ECOTEN, with the urban microclimate simulation, we assess different urban development scenarios for a given neighborhood and we determine the optimal one to reduce temperature during hot period and improve outdoor comfort. We assess many urban variations that affect all aspects of the urban microclimate such as :
 - Building shapes;
- Types of material and surface colours;
 - Trees, grasses, green roofs and walls;
 - Water bodies and humidification of roads.

Our results are quantitative and cover all components of urban microclimate such as air temperature, solar radiation and wind speed. We also calculate the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) which include interactions of all components of outdoor comfort. Our clients can be :
 - City officials, urban planners to get optimum urban developmentals scenarios for new neighborhoods and also renovated ones;
 - Architects and urban designers to confirm the efficiency of their developmental projects and highlight their impacts on the urban microclimate;
- Industrials to demonstrate the effects of their innovative materials and installations to improve the urban comfort. We provide our clients with reports containing analysis, dynamics maps, graphics and videos presenting the results. Our studies are efficient decision-making tools.

Categories of application
Clean energy production, Energy distribution & management, Materials and chemistry, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters

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Wind power, Photovoltaic, Solar thermal, Power conservation, Demand-side management, Composites marerials, Structural building material, Urban infrastructure innovation, Roads and highways, Bridges, Public space management, Building, House, Design, HVAC, Refrigeration, Insulation, Heating, Building information modelling

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