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8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

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Rolf Luchsinger, Corey Houle, Dino Costa, Flavio Gohl, Cédric Galliot



  • Affordable and clean energy



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TwingTec AG

TwingTec unlocks the full potential of wind energy

Imagine generating electricity from the wind with a drone on a tether! TwingTec's energy drone does not need a tower or a foundation, the system is easy to deploy and unlocks the strong winds at higher altitudes. Mobile systems displace diesel in remote areas saving costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Installed off-shore on floating platforms, farms of large energy drones will power the mega-cities and become a key technology to reach the global climate targets by 2050.


Clean and profitable energy in remote locations

TwingTec integrates wind energy in the off-grid power supply saving costs and green house gas emissions.

TwingTec’s business is to substitute fossil fuels by wind energy saving costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The initial target market is the off-grid market, where power is produced with diesel generators at high costs in remote communities, mines and on islands. The first product, a 100 kW system integrated in a 20ft container, saves 100’000 litres of diesel and 240 tons of CO2 per year and is payed-off in 2-5 years.

Categories of application
Clean energy production

Sector of application
Wind power

Tested implementation

Off-shore wind to power the world

Floating Giga-Islands unlock the strong off-shore winds to power the coastal mega-cities

Installed on floating platforms TwingTec's energy drone unlocks the strong off-shore winds. A wind farm of 20 x 20 systems produces 1 GW of power, enough to subsitute a large coal power plant. Set up 10 km out of sight in the open ocean, the Giga-Islands deliver sustainable energy to power the mega-cities.

Categories of application
Clean energy production

Sector of application
Wind power