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2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Suisse

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Paulo Martins



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Vitruvian Shield- Swiss Custom Watches SA

Connecting humans and vehicles with a biometric bracelet as main interface to supply automotive,Transport & Health Ind.

Swiss Custom Watches will propose a healthy & secure new generation of medical wearable devices to use as biometric (Human/Machine) interface. With our previous experience on research & development with the Swiss Watch Industry for private labels; and now our partnership with the best Swiss Medtech companies, we want to use the last sensing components on watch bands and Classic or smart watches; and with a white & Swiss Made label propose the new API IP for different industries society needs.



Biometric bracelet with ID recognition, chemical & optical sensors; to be use as main Human/vehicle Interface.

Biometric bracelet with ID recognition, chemical & optical sensors;;to be use as main interface with future autonomous vehicles. It will measure the following health indicators: The alcohol & physical stress levels, sleep (phases/quality/time/fatigue & drowsiness), type of activity, activity levels, breathing levels, heart beat, body temperature and calories expended. It will allow autonomous vehicles to: Inform driver of his biometrics and activate autonomous driving security when biometrics are excessive. Send medical information in an accident event. Activate the emergency services and assistance if driver feel unwell when driving; or even in a near him autonomously to nearest medical services. BENEFITS TO USER: Medical device & main ID interface on one device. Ownership of data & privacy protect by: Software / Cloud / Blockchain / Red Box (VIRTUAL ID). Enabling users to own & monetize their data. Only shred the information that's required for (Safety / wellbeing / health & ID daily needs). Improve his health management. Save his life in case of pathological incidents or accidents events. Improve travel experience with vehicle autonomous features. BENEFITS TO VEHICLE MANUFACTURE: Connecting continually with driver physical & mental state allows them to: Use vehicle onboard IT to prevent pathological incidents before they happen (STOP ENGINE & ORDER MEDICAL AID). Activate autonomous & security driving features when detect tiredness or stress. Denies access to driving, when driver biometrics are excessive; and if possible drive him autonomously to destination. Send medical data to health care services on an accident event. “CAR SHARING” It's coming with“AI” and “BLOCKCHAIN” They will improve also ID validation and payment solutions. Connecting with clients, improves their future relationship and business.

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Industrial processes, Freight transportation, Urban and inter-urban mobility

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Supply chain efficiency, Road transport, New vehicle types, System integration, Traffic and route management, Route optimization, Sensors and monitoring, Public transport, Private transport, System integration, Behavior management