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North Vancouver, BC V7J 2H8, Canada

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Jose Luis Gutierrez-Garcia, Roy Wagner, Juan Pablo Maureira, Laurent Selles



  • Affordable and clean energy



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ZShips International Community Contribution Company Ltd.

Zero Fuel, Zero Emission marine vehicles.

ZShips converts sun, wind, and waves into electricity for ship propulsion and auxiliary power. ZShips will retrofit existing ships and design new ships to take advantage of our technology.


Zero Emissions Ships - ZShips

Unlimited Range, Zero Emission, 100% Renewable Energy powered marine vehicles.

Fifteen of the largest ships in the world emit as much nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide as all of the 760 million cars on the planet. At Z Ships we believe that carbon neutral and carbon negative growth is possible in global marine transportation. ZShips is changing the conversation for private and luxury transportation and commercial vessels and fleets. By operating zero emissions marine vehicles with zero ongoing fuel costs, the marine industry will not only transition from the polluting fossil fuel powered ships of today into the clean energy ships of tomorrow; it will set the industry on a steady path toward emission elimination and positive economic and environmental impact. We are specifically targeting vessels that are a minimum of 40 metres (131 ft) long. Superyachts, Ferries, Research Vessels, Cruise Ships, Handysize, Handymax, Panamax, Neo-Panamax are excellent candidates to become Zero Emissions Vessels. The longer the ship the more area we have to work with and the more power we can produce. ZShips is going straight to zero avoiding expensive incrementalism, replacing conventional (fossil) and alternative liquid or gaseous fuels with renewable energy, electricity, and storage to provide 100% fuel cost savings, global travel with ZERO EMISSIONS, unlimited range, cutting underwater noise and vibrations and reduced harm to marine life and environment. ZShips will be instrumental in helping the transportation, cruise line, commercial and luxury maritime industries keep air and waters clean and healthy at ports and high seas.

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Clean energy production

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Wind power, Photovoltaic, Solar thermal, Concentrated solar power, Ocean energy