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Climate App Store for Aviation

A comprehensive suite of applications to measure and reduce the complete climate impact of aviation

October 2023
Gallery Climate App Store for Aviation 1
Gallery Climate App Store for Aviation 1


Objective: Assist aviation companies in mitigating CO2, non-CO2 and lifecycle emissions, while controlling cost and maintaining growth Clients can access a variety of web applications: • Climate Impact Tracker: Ideal for airlines and financiers, it provides comprehensive emission data for their fleet/portfolio. Upload an excel, get computations, and export findings. • Building Block: A tool for benchmarking. Compare the eco-performance of a specific aircraft type with a specific airline against global averages. • E-Planner: For hypothesizing and analyzing investments in decarbonization techniques, customizing for regional differences, budgetary allowances, and scale.

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Label Date October 12, 2023
From France
Maturity stage Initial market commercialization
Looking For Network, Visibility, Credibility, New clients, Partners

Implementation Stories

Climate App Store for Aviation by Estuaire
Implemented by Nordic Aviation Capital in Limerick (Ireland) in 2023

Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is renewing its contract with Estuaire. Estuaire’s all-encompassing model surpasses basic calculations of CO2 emissions, incorporating non-CO2 effects such as contrails and nitrous oxide emissions, providing a thorough baseline for fleet emissions.


The output enables a comprehensive Fleet Emissions baseline, aiding unparalleled reporting transparency and a targeted emission reduction strategy.


The environmental benefits

  • Our e-engine stack behind all applications can analyse up to 1 million flights per day
  • It processes 130GB of flight data every month, representing all worldwide commercial aviation flight tracks
  • We believe we can lead the sector to a -70% reduction of its impact on climate change by 2050
  • Mitigating non-CO2 effects such as contrails can instantly remove more than 40% of aviation's full climate impact

The Financial benefits

  • Immediate cost savings: An European low-cost airline subject to EU-ETS can experience at least a 10% carbon allowance cost reduction
  • Payback time inferior to one month for any aviation business working on its climate impact

Activity Region

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Italy, Ireland, France, Spain,

  • Headquarters
  • Activity

Company Profile


We provide a pragmatic path to reduce the impact of aviation on the environment

View company profile Solution website
Headquarters 75013 Paris, France

Networking Partner

Solutions Associated 1
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