Sparknews is dedicated to amplifying positive change by working at the crossroads of social and environmental innovation, news media and the corporate world.

Sparknews is an innovative & impactful ecosystem builder that raises awareness and engagement on the UN global goals. The social enterprise sources innovative initiatives that tackle some of the biggest issues our planet is facing. Today, more than 4,500 innovations around the world having a positive impact on the environment and the society have been identified and registered in the database. Sparknews then creates content, programs and events around these initiatives and connects entrepreneurs, media outlets, and companies to foster drive and commitment towards action, both in the business world and in civil society. With media operations like Impact Journalism Day and Solutions&Co, Sparknews works with around 100 major media outlets around the world from daily newspapers to pureplayers as well as committed leaders including António Guterres, Mary Robinson, Jeffrey Sachs, Muhammad Yunus, Ellen Mac Arthur, Emmanuel Faber, Jaha Mapenzi Dukureh, Pierre Rabhi, Jenifer Morgan and Ariana Huffington.

Sparknews' team believe that solutions exist everywhere to create a world where sustainability and profits are compatible, inclusive democracy is restored, citizens from all over the world have access to education, healthcare and appropriate food, men and women have the same rights, and climate change is controlled. People don’t need to wait for others to create positive change and that change can be achieved by anyone. Then, building this world starts by changing the way we talk about it, restoring confidence and inspiring everyone. Join this optimistic movement by signing the Share Stories of Change Manifesto.

By Sparknews